Friday, 11 December 2015

Free 1940s Chrysanthemum Felt Flower Pattern

I came across this lovely magazine clipping on Ebay. Now and again after much browsing there are still some gems on the site! I haven't tried this yet but it looks simple to make and it will be a good size too! 

It takes up some small pieces of felt and I am leaning towards making one in teal, purple and black plus an all maroon one. I think instead of wire I will use a modern clip or hair band. 

Let me know how you get on, if you make one before me :) 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A hellish week...happy dress ending?

I found myself really looking forward to the weekend after a week of total chaos at the hands of the electrical company Apollo but instead of enjoying winding down on Friday I had a migraine, which coupled with the dust all around me and the broken up sleep was almost enough to tip me over the edge haha.

Despite having a shaky start on Saturday, I managed to gather up a few more pieces of stock for my eldest daughter's school Xmas fair. They are not my usual bag as I really prefer having a gander around them for myself, I am a self confessed Tommy Bola addict, I love the cheap cakes and generally the nice casual atmosphere.

It was a nice bit of mother/daughter time, we took hair bands and a few left over sample clothes from the summer

Plus a doll I made a dress for - I have scaled back my doll collection a lot but now and again take on little projects like this little lady 

1960s McCalls pattern used

I then spent the weekend catching up on my pattern testing for Bubby & Me. It was a real honor to be chosen and the dress pattern was a lovely classic style. I particularly enjoyed the fact there was a long sleeve option as it is winter in the UK.

For my final dress I chose a daisy cotton print with a one way stretch. It gave the dress a bit more warmth and meant I didn't need to line the skirt part either

The wing cuffs were a real added bonus and they look fab

I am still holding off my next little romper as the works carried out in my home have left me pushed for time with Xmas, so tomorrow I begin gift sewing and outfits