Sunday, 16 August 2015

Children's Sewing Patterns

I have always kept a collection of children's patterns for my daughter and son but this year I decided to collect quite a few more! This year I would like to expand more on what I make for boys as my son has always been my number one fan and although I wanted to make pretty girly things my daughter wants to be a living Monster High doll not a cute frilly princess haha. 

Here are some of the patterns I have bought previously and more recently. They are cropped to see the design better but if you would like any pattern numbers then please let me know. 

I source a lot of my patterns from Etsy but occasionally get lucky on Ebay as well - the latter I tend to risk them being incomplete etc

This should be at the top of my list really!

I also bought a few more PDF patterns from Tadah such as the Vinties from my previous post and few others from the same Australian designer. I also bought the Candy Castle Swirl dress but I have neglected to even tape that together since printing. 

I like most dressmakers have a to do list to be ashamed but I am going to start working my way through these ideas and my stash as well!

Friday, 14 August 2015

A fresh idea for V&V

My summer has been crazy busy but now I have slowed down to a panic with only one more order to go before I take break I can really crack on with this blog!

I started taking orders for children's clothes after I finished a big order in May and it has been really popular. Previously I had made my own children's clothes and a few little bridesmaid dresses. I am taking the orders from my other brand page Vincent & Valerie.

The first romper pattern I bought from Etsy was this gorgeous 1940s New York Pattern Company romper sewing pattern -

I got an order for 2 tiny pink floral rompers with lace trims. One is age 1 the other is age 7 

My daughter is 9 years old and although she is tall she had the same measurements as a 7 year old so she got to test the re-sized toile I made for the pink overalls. Then despite her reluctance to wear handmade girly things she asked for some overalls but I made them in fabric to match her taste and will upload photos of her sporting them soon.

As you can see I substituted snaps for the front to make them easier for nappy access/toiler but I did buttons for the straps so mum can adjust them with her children's height.

I was surprised how quickly I got busy this summer and there was quite a few other orders including these

The Tattoo print by Alexander Henry is the Vinties overalls pattern from Tadah and the bandana bibs I drafted myself. Peter Rabbit fabric is recycled from some retro 1990s curtains.

I know there are quite a few free patterns and tutorials in existence online I do often see posts in Facebook groups for makes suitable for a novice so next week I will be doing a post for my Etsy team to make a bandana style bib for baby's ages 6 to 12 months