Thursday, 26 March 2015

It has been too long...

It has been too long since I posted and for that I could blame so many things (there have been ALOT of things going on)

Instead though I will get straight into the blog again and skip all the poop that has been going on.

I decided to cut back on making lot of things for other people and instead concentrate more on my own garments and children's clothing.

I recently gave a dress a mini make over. Definitely not my usual bag but on this occasion it was cheap and quite pretty fabric. Plus I already had everything I needed for the customisation - yay! 

I also have become aware I am not doing so well at sewing my stash or using up any of my beautiful patterns so to get back into the saddle. I have cut out a New Look pattern that came free with this month's Sew magazine. I have changed it a bit so I will upload photos of that tomorrow as well