Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Burda Book

So it is half term and the lace of school runs means I can now slow myself down a bit! It has been crazy busy few weeks - I tried my hand at doing fairs again which meant getting lots of stock ready plus still keeping my shops up to date along with the daily juggle of children and home haha! 

I have made a vow to do more sewing for myself and family again. Speaking of family clean living is still going strong and the kids have been really enjoying helping me make the treats 

I made this dress from the Burda Sewing Vintage Modern Book (for my shops) using one of my favourite Alexander Henry prints and decided as I am sewing for myself more I need to order more of this fanbric to make sure the next dress is for myself 

The fit allows the dress to sit just below the very high waist. It is quite simple to make and fast - I said it before I think but is a book I thoroughly recommend 

I was a very luck girl to receive a new SLR camera and cannot wait to take some awesome photos for the blog with it 

My next project is going to be a polka dot shift dress using a vintage sewing pattern - a dress for myself hurrah!