Thursday, 15 January 2015

A Quick Post with my finds

So as I was in my little town at the post office I had a quick 10 minute look around one of the charity shops and scored this beautiful tan leather clasp handbag. Better still it was £4.50! It even had a little purse inside. I was very chuffed they very rarely put any vintage out in my town and it usually has the price tag match 

And the purse! 

I also had package arrive from as always it arrived wrapped in tissue and neatly presented. It is some gorgeous cherry fabric and a vintage sewing pattern for a coat for my daughter. She has been after a pink one like this for a while with a black fur trim collar like the one she spied in River Island last year 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

New Year Resolutions and all that Jazz

I am not one for making new resolutions I don't smoke and I don't drink....that often haha which are the main things I see floating around on my newsfeeds! I am bit disorganised though so I thought this year constructive resolutions that I can stick to. Well I have to if I publish them for all of you to read haha!

So here it goes - I will keep this short!

  • Clean living - in general I am quite fussy where I buy food from. My partner came from a farming back ground growing up and I know way more than I want to about the meat trade etc so I already err on the side of caution but this year I bought a blender and slow cooker. I want to eat even less processed food this year so home made smoothies, soup and fun afternoon teas for my children after school  

  • Unfinished Projects - I never thought I would be that dressmaker with a stack of half finished projects but as business has taken over my own projects have constantly taken a back seat **cringe** looking over at the shelf. I did 2 projects before Xmas that had been left about 6 months but I have at least a dozen more including a car print shirt for my little boy. Crikey I hope it is still going fit! So yes finish these things!

  • New Home - Save up for a new home, I have 2 children and would love to get them their own rooms this year 

  • New Projects - I have a long list of projects and boxes of patterns that I need to get round to making. Example below of just 4 patterns I really want to get made this year and with 3 textiles sacks of fabric I have not one excuse really 

As you can see my taste in fashion is broad, my favourite style has always been fit and flare dresses. I will endeavour to get photos of these. Also I lean towards to vintage styles

I thought as well it would be helpful to review a couple of books - with a couple of projects from each of them. One of them is my faithful Burda Sewing Vintage Modern. Its a lovely book bought for me as a gift by an old Chrissie. I have made the Jamie shift dress and the Elizabeth 50s style dress but would like to show case some of the patterns, as I do recommend the book. Its not die hard vintage for earlier decades but nice styles all the same!

A book I also want to bring to the blog this year is the GBSB 2 book. A gift for Mothers Day this year I have only tried out the T shirt - neckline came out a bit big but since haven't tried much else so I thought given the comments I have read from other people about dodgy sizing and badly made patterns I would try out something else 

So that is my new year resolutions get sewing, get saving and eat better! I hope all of you had a good start to the New Year and I cannot stress enough if there is anything you would like to see me try out please comment or message me