Friday, 11 December 2015

Free 1940s Chrysanthemum Felt Flower Pattern

I came across this lovely magazine clipping on Ebay. Now and again after much browsing there are still some gems on the site! I haven't tried this yet but it looks simple to make and it will be a good size too! 

It takes up some small pieces of felt and I am leaning towards making one in teal, purple and black plus an all maroon one. I think instead of wire I will use a modern clip or hair band. 

Let me know how you get on, if you make one before me :) 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A hellish week...happy dress ending?

I found myself really looking forward to the weekend after a week of total chaos at the hands of the electrical company Apollo but instead of enjoying winding down on Friday I had a migraine, which coupled with the dust all around me and the broken up sleep was almost enough to tip me over the edge haha.

Despite having a shaky start on Saturday, I managed to gather up a few more pieces of stock for my eldest daughter's school Xmas fair. They are not my usual bag as I really prefer having a gander around them for myself, I am a self confessed Tommy Bola addict, I love the cheap cakes and generally the nice casual atmosphere.

It was a nice bit of mother/daughter time, we took hair bands and a few left over sample clothes from the summer

Plus a doll I made a dress for - I have scaled back my doll collection a lot but now and again take on little projects like this little lady 

1960s McCalls pattern used

I then spent the weekend catching up on my pattern testing for Bubby & Me. It was a real honor to be chosen and the dress pattern was a lovely classic style. I particularly enjoyed the fact there was a long sleeve option as it is winter in the UK.

For my final dress I chose a daisy cotton print with a one way stretch. It gave the dress a bit more warmth and meant I didn't need to line the skirt part either

The wing cuffs were a real added bonus and they look fab

I am still holding off my next little romper as the works carried out in my home have left me pushed for time with Xmas, so tomorrow I begin gift sewing and outfits 

Monday, 30 November 2015

Vinties Overalls

As my house is currently being hammered within in an inch of it's life to remove the Asbestos sections, I thought I would write another blog post.

One of my favorite patterns for babies and toddlers is Vinties by Tadah Patterns (formally Fresh Patterns). A lady based on Australia who has gorgeous pattern designs but the best part is the fully detailed instructions, making them perfect for a novice. 

Short Length Age 0-3 Months

It is a very versatile pattern available as a PDF or by paper. I have made it several times for the same customers. Including this pair of alternative ones -

Alexander Henry Fabric - Short Length 6-12m

I am yet to make any super girly ones but they are on my agenda for a sample make to gain some orders. I have also made some rocket print ones, country pheasant print and Peter Rabbit print!

I love the country look and when I had the opportunity I used faux leather button on the straps from recycled tweed jackets

Here are some my other favourite pairs of Vintie overalls -

The pattern runs from sizes newborn to 3 - as you can tell, I highly recommend Vinties! 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Minecraft Costume

I am in danger now of sounding old..but I do not understand children's attraction to playing Minecraft. It really has stumped me but none the less my oldest daughter was after a costume for a party she had been invited. The theme Minecraft Vs Minions.

There was 'No way' she said, would she wear denim overalls and look like I quote a yellow tic tac - it had to be a Minecraft outfit. The game which she has been itching to own but as parents we are reluctant to let our children have too many games or devices (that could be a whole post on it's own haha)

This week the electric work our house was due to be started and was stalled (no surprise there, I think I have more chance of Olly Mur's popping in for a cup of tea than these people getting their act together), I then made time for her costume.

I didn't want to make anything to involved in case I ran out of time. Plus I have also been invited to test a new pattern.

I chose fabric from my stash (high five another de-stash mission complete), its a medium weight fabric a bit like suiting with some one way stretch and a textured look.

I used these 2 vintage patterns. The bodice from one and the circular skirt from the other. As she has the measurements of a size 6 but the height of a 9 year old, I made some quick alterations by sight in chalk

I made a quick applique using a pattern I traced straight from Google. Green cotton square with black felt face. Here is the result

She is posing rather awkwardly down to the super windy weather haha! It went down a treat at the party and I think I have finally made something she won't be protesting about wearing again. Typical really, the one thing I've made out of everything it was the one with the least amount of planning. I am glad I took the time to over lock the seams at least. It has been finished inside with bias binding, when usually I would have half lined a dress for a smoother finish.

The back was fastened with green kam snaps.

Next week hopefully I can share photos of the test pattern I am working on and start the cute little fox romper

Saturday, 21 November 2015


So this week I got my little fox playsuit cut out from the 1950s Butterick pattern and have been patiently waiting for other supplies to arrive to finish a couple more UFOs. Currently my house has been tipped upside down in order for an electrical re-wire to be completed, so there for not much sewing has been going on boooo!

I did finish the last of my Xmas orders which was lovely because now I can concentrate on my little one's outfits and get started on my ideas for smocking

I was lucky enough to find a few patterns in my stash, which meant I didn't need to buy any news ones and I have some thread to get me started as well

Actually from my shop but I love the 3 borders of smocking!

This the pattern I intend to get started with -

I plan to make the Peter Pan collar view though rather than the nautical collar

I was also lucky enough to pick these magazines up and they are full of inspiration 

and finally I found this one which is great because I really would like to make something for the boys as they are often over looked in favour of pretty girly things :)

I do plan to sneak a bit of my own sewing in around the work men if I can and will start my little fox romper/playsuit!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Simplicity 9338 Baby Jiffy Suit

It is fair to say most dressmakers have a pile of UFOs (unfinished objects) I do have my fair share and it is not because of getting bored or stuck, it is usually work or life matters that stall the end of the project!

I said in my last post I wanted to crack on with this and I am glad I have. It is very quick and the perfect pattern for a novice or for a more experienced dressmaker to make quickly and easily. The most tricky part was making the leg casings and that was it!

I don't usually make things for my children from the 1970s but this one caught my eye on Facebook and a couple more from the same era since.

The rainbow shark fabric is Alexander Henry and I hadn't seen before I spotted it on Fondant Fabrics . It is a fantastic site for designer fabrics and they have a few really unusual ones including gorgeous high detail bird prints. 

I loved how it turned out. I decided to also have a try at the girls version for the shop and another boys one too in a more classic print. As I was destashing I lined it in a cream coloured cotton, that I already had, rather than buying another colour. For the next time I will match the colours better

I love it and think this one should be dug out from the Simplicity archive for a reprint!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Cooking with Gas

So following my previous I was determined to get my head down sewing! I asked my children what they would like making following a month or so of neglect with me being busy with other peoples clothes and they both said shorts??! Crazy kids it is November! Sure enough I made them both some bottoms for bed time which felt so nice, especially as my boy put his on straight away when he got home from school, It certainly helped with the destash and eased my guilt.

I also order some threads to make a start on smocking projects again. I have decided to start with a modern Simplicity pattern and this week I went to the fabric shop. I thought cheer myself up and buy some polka dots. I was having a good browse and then this gorgeous red with tiny polka dots stared back - lovely I thought..then it hit me..I had a whopping 1.5m of it already at home. I cringed and put it back then bought 4 other things I didn't need. 

I have the Simplicity 1970s romper cut out ready to go tomorrow from my previous post. It looks easy enough but that is famous last words.

I also made the boys version of the 1940s New York pattern today and I loved how it turned, A firm favourite now I have made both versions of it

The fabric is Peter Rabbit. I have 2 other Peter Rabbit prints I am eager to use and really glad I bit the bullet and made this one up finally

The H bar back

It is fair to say I always have more than one project on the go! I have a couple of orders in process but fingers crossed tomorrow I can find the time for the shark romper too

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Not being able to sew as often is.....

Not being able to sew as often is.....quite literally getting me down! For a few years now sewing has been salvation for me. Even when I was getting annoyed or stuck, in the end a finished garment was the best pick me up when life got a bit rough.

I have been increasingly busy with children and housework. For the past 6 weeks we have been having the lergy aka virus doing the rounds and it has left so little free time, not to mention completely drained. I kid you not when I say I have been going to bed on average at 8.30 - I update my Etsy shop and then lights out! 

My sewing room or the divided end of the front room has served as my 'man den'. I could hide in there when it all got too much and stroke my fabrics haha 

I have made a few rushed things for my own children and wished I hadn't, as rushing is never good!

I thought as sewing for them has been difficult time wise, I would start thinking about hitting some of the things on my long to do list. This includes smocking and Heirloom clothing! I have a few nice patterns and fully intend to dig deep in my stash as not keep buying more fabric (cackles with laughter I stress the word intend) 

I have though cut out this little treasure! A long time ISO pattern for me and I finally got my hands on one 

If it turns out well I may offer it as a style to order for next Spring 

Also you can see the free pattern for a dribble bandana I created for my Etsy team blog - 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Free Pattern Preview

I have been busy listing in my pattern shop this month and working on fresh ideas for my children's clothes shop. Now my little ones are back at school I can concentrate on getting them made up

In the mean time as promised I have been working on a free baby bib pattern for my team blog 

Here is a preview of the bib itself 

They are very simple to make and so useful. By using just a FQ of main fabric and a FQ of the lining, you can create 2 bibs. Ideal to make for own little one or as a gift 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Children's Sewing Patterns

I have always kept a collection of children's patterns for my daughter and son but this year I decided to collect quite a few more! This year I would like to expand more on what I make for boys as my son has always been my number one fan and although I wanted to make pretty girly things my daughter wants to be a living Monster High doll not a cute frilly princess haha. 

Here are some of the patterns I have bought previously and more recently. They are cropped to see the design better but if you would like any pattern numbers then please let me know. 

I source a lot of my patterns from Etsy but occasionally get lucky on Ebay as well - the latter I tend to risk them being incomplete etc

This should be at the top of my list really!

I also bought a few more PDF patterns from Tadah such as the Vinties from my previous post and few others from the same Australian designer. I also bought the Candy Castle Swirl dress but I have neglected to even tape that together since printing. 

I like most dressmakers have a to do list to be ashamed but I am going to start working my way through these ideas and my stash as well!

Friday, 14 August 2015

A fresh idea for V&V

My summer has been crazy busy but now I have slowed down to a panic with only one more order to go before I take break I can really crack on with this blog!

I started taking orders for children's clothes after I finished a big order in May and it has been really popular. Previously I had made my own children's clothes and a few little bridesmaid dresses. I am taking the orders from my other brand page Vincent & Valerie.

The first romper pattern I bought from Etsy was this gorgeous 1940s New York Pattern Company romper sewing pattern -

I got an order for 2 tiny pink floral rompers with lace trims. One is age 1 the other is age 7 

My daughter is 9 years old and although she is tall she had the same measurements as a 7 year old so she got to test the re-sized toile I made for the pink overalls. Then despite her reluctance to wear handmade girly things she asked for some overalls but I made them in fabric to match her taste and will upload photos of her sporting them soon.

As you can see I substituted snaps for the front to make them easier for nappy access/toiler but I did buttons for the straps so mum can adjust them with her children's height.

I was surprised how quickly I got busy this summer and there was quite a few other orders including these

The Tattoo print by Alexander Henry is the Vinties overalls pattern from Tadah and the bandana bibs I drafted myself. Peter Rabbit fabric is recycled from some retro 1990s curtains.

I know there are quite a few free patterns and tutorials in existence online I do often see posts in Facebook groups for makes suitable for a novice so next week I will be doing a post for my Etsy team to make a bandana style bib for baby's ages 6 to 12 months 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

It has been too long...

It has been too long since I posted and for that I could blame so many things (there have been ALOT of things going on)

Instead though I will get straight into the blog again and skip all the poop that has been going on.

I decided to cut back on making lot of things for other people and instead concentrate more on my own garments and children's clothing.

I recently gave a dress a mini make over. Definitely not my usual bag but on this occasion it was cheap and quite pretty fabric. Plus I already had everything I needed for the customisation - yay! 

I also have become aware I am not doing so well at sewing my stash or using up any of my beautiful patterns so to get back into the saddle. I have cut out a New Look pattern that came free with this month's Sew magazine. I have changed it a bit so I will upload photos of that tomorrow as well

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Burda Book

So it is half term and the lace of school runs means I can now slow myself down a bit! It has been crazy busy few weeks - I tried my hand at doing fairs again which meant getting lots of stock ready plus still keeping my shops up to date along with the daily juggle of children and home haha! 

I have made a vow to do more sewing for myself and family again. Speaking of family clean living is still going strong and the kids have been really enjoying helping me make the treats 

I made this dress from the Burda Sewing Vintage Modern Book (for my shops) using one of my favourite Alexander Henry prints and decided as I am sewing for myself more I need to order more of this fanbric to make sure the next dress is for myself 

The fit allows the dress to sit just below the very high waist. It is quite simple to make and fast - I said it before I think but is a book I thoroughly recommend 

I was a very luck girl to receive a new SLR camera and cannot wait to take some awesome photos for the blog with it 

My next project is going to be a polka dot shift dress using a vintage sewing pattern - a dress for myself hurrah! 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

A Quick Post with my finds

So as I was in my little town at the post office I had a quick 10 minute look around one of the charity shops and scored this beautiful tan leather clasp handbag. Better still it was £4.50! It even had a little purse inside. I was very chuffed they very rarely put any vintage out in my town and it usually has the price tag match 

And the purse! 

I also had package arrive from as always it arrived wrapped in tissue and neatly presented. It is some gorgeous cherry fabric and a vintage sewing pattern for a coat for my daughter. She has been after a pink one like this for a while with a black fur trim collar like the one she spied in River Island last year