Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My First Post :)

This is my first post so please bare with me whilst I find my feet and hopefully not bore you all to tears!

My first sewing project after Xmas was a simple elastic black skirt using Geisha fabric for the pockets. My sister bought me the latter back in May... I have a huge stash that I intend fully to work my way through this year if it kills me!

Hopefully if I get enough interest I will be putting up some simple tutorials to help novice dress makers or inspire other dressmakers 

I do like fully faced things... so here goes the heart shape pocket fully faced in tiny polka dots

I probably could have drafted my own heart but I like templates not drawn with my wobbly hands so see below for the super cute pocket piece pinched from a vintage housecoat pattern 

For the skirt I used a drafted pattern of my own - again I would be happy to share how to do this if there is any interest. The black skirt fabric is like a suiting wool blend £1.00 a metre from the market and the crochet trim is from Ebay

TA DA!!! I love the way this skirt comes together very fast and reinvents itself with different fabric and trims